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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Marymount College Memes! Create your own!

Absolute gem from new student Charlie W.
A meme—for those of you who aren't surgically connected to your computer's hard drive—is defined as: "an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture."

Within the wild west of the World Wide Web, memes are rampant. Think "Cute Kittens," "Dramatic Chipmunk," Old Spice commercials, "FAIL" and "WIN," "Demotivational Posters," Rebecca Black, etc.

(PS, Rebecca...why'd you sell out? I can't play your song on YouTube anymore and it has simply ruined my weekends.).

For fun, we made some Marymount-themed memes. We hope you enjoy. We also hope you do as Charlie W., one of our new students, did. He sent us the poster on the left, and it's quite possibly the best thing I've ever seen. 

(Warning, heavy lulz after the jump...)

So, all you funny and witty internet geeks out there, send [tasteful] submissions to:

tlowther [at] marymountpv [dot] com. 

If we like them, we'll post them on this blog (and tumblr, twitter, etc.), and send you some sweet, sweet Marymount swag. 

So get cracking! Exploitable images are on the bottom of the post, or just draw a graduation cap on a meme of your choice and send it in!

If you need to brush up on what's what on the internet right now, I highly recommend (though keep in mind, the internet isn't always the most tasteful of mediums, so you may come across something objectionable in your research. Fair warning).



  1. XX is a banned drink at marymount. This Charlie guy and his Dev team are great!, nice one!