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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Marymount 2.0 - Now With 300% More Awesome!

Summer is here. I think. It's hard to tell through the peanut-butter-consistency fog bank outside my window (for those of you not from southern California: every June it gets really foggy in the morning. It's called "June Gloom," and it is our karmic punishment for being able to get a tan in January).

Anyway, Marymount College is getting some work done this summer (like everyone else in LA), so we'll be in beach-body shape when our students return in the Fall. I'm stoked.

Read on after the jump to see all the changes we're making this summer...

I know what you're thinking, we were pretty enough already. So, why the facelift? 

Well, I hate to use the "It was only for corrective purposes" cliché, but it's true. We're making changes to ensure that the rest of our campus is on par with the awesomeness of our continually growing and expanding Bachelor's programs. After all, you wouldn't just botox one eyebrow, right? [Unless you're going for a semi-permanent, "I'm-as-cool-as-Dwayne-"The-Rock"-Johnson" look.]

Ok, fine. I'll get to the changes already. Students returning in August can expect:
  • Increased staffing in the Career Services, International Study, Athletics, Co-curricular, Technology, and Advising Departments!

  • Faster internet speed!

  • New food service offerings at Palos Verdes North!

  • Additional Psychology, Arts, Business, Media, Pre-Med/Biomedical Sciences, and Global Studies faculty!

  • New internship and research support!

  • A new online learning management system supporting all Marymount courses!

  • Weekend, evening, accelerated, and online courses!

  • A new satellite classroom building in San Pedro!

  • A new art gallery in San Pedro to showcase student artwork!

  • Increased shuttle service!

  • A new parking management system at all campuses!

  • Upgraded residential facilities at Palos Verdes North!

  • Flying cars!!!
Ok, we aren't getting flying cars yet (they always shoot down my ideas in the boardroom...), but we've pretty much met every other item on my wishlist. How about you? Are you excited for the changes? If so, let us know below!

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