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Friday, May 3, 2013

Marymount Media Studies Student Headlines the LA Harbor International Film Festival

If the name Johnnie Jenkins Jr. isn't meant for the film industry, nothing is. 

Each spring, the LA Harbor International Film Festival (LAHIFF) showcases film projects that embrace the culture and heritage of Los Angeles Harbor cities. The festival is by invitation only, and this year a short film directed by one of our Media Studies students, the eminently talented and academically astute Johnnie Jenkins Jr., made the cut.

Johnnie's film, The Aesthetic Spirit of San Pedro, explores the community and culture of the vibrant city of San Pedro, and is lauded by the LAHIFF as "connecting the festival to the cultural, historical, and business interests of San Pedro on the tenth anniversary of the LAHIFF and during the city's 125th anniversary celebration."

We congratulate Johnnie on this honor (and want to remind him that, if he ever needs a writer when he makes it big, he should look no further than this blog's author...Ahem), and are thrilled that he is representing Marymount College.

Here is the schedule of events so you can check out his film.