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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The May 1st National Reply Date is, uh, Sunday

"Sonic" Franchise is property of Nintendo via SEGA
I've developed a twitch in my left eye that kind of makes it look like I'm trying to flirt with Sonic the Hedgehog. All of us in the office have, to some extent. This is due both to near-lethal levels of caffeine consumption and—more tangibly—the looming May 1st deadline. In the admission world, these last few days of April are called interchangeably: "Crunch Time," "Ulcer Week," and "Divine Punishment." We're madly processing deposits, scheduling last-second interviews, explaining the multilevel mysteries of financial aid, and desperately trying to match floating SAT scores with the proper applications.

You, too, are probably stressed—unless you've already paid the commitment deposit to a school of your choice, in which case you're probably kicking back with a cold soda and planning the color scheme of your dorm room. If you're not one of those lucky deposited students, you're probably waking up every night in a cold sweat, having dreamed that you're sitting for yet another SAT session but can't concentrate because for some reason you forgot to wear pants. So, let's help each other out. Read on for some things you can do to make all of our lives easier. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Attention International Students!

Some of our international soccer players. And Sarah.
Due to some nifty tracking software, we can see the geographic location of those who view this blog (don't worry...we won't start calling you with offers for long distance phone service), and we're delighted to see that we're developing a following all over the world. We're doubly delighted (especially Sarah, our Assistant Director of International Admission) because international admissions is one of our top priorities at Marymount. So, my global friends, we in the admission office wanted to let you know that we see you. We see you, Thailand. And you New Zealand. And the hundreds of you in Russia. And you chaps in the U.K., the E.U., and the U.A.E. We even see you, lone visitor from Panama, and to you we say Bienvenidos.

Do you want to come to school in California?

Read on after the jump for [un]official reasons that students from all over the world should check out Marymount College! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Admitted Student Day Recap

Click to view the slideshow!
Well, Admitted Student Day is over and has faded into that soft, fuzzy place where all happy memories dwell. Our Director of Admission has stopped hyperventilating (for now), there is parking on campus again, and my prodigious sunburn from our Major and Student Involvement Fair has faded to a pastel rosiness. 

It was one of our most successful Admitted Student Days ever. We had over 275 attendees from all over the country, and over thirty students made the decision to deposit for our fall class on the spot. 
If you haven't deposited yet and would like to, contact us today! 
 A lucky few of those (pictured in the slide show above) were able to walk away with some snazzy Marymount Apparel (and one Ikea gift card good for at least a thousand Swedish meatballs...or a desk). Highlights of the day included a candid student-life discussion, a student-moderated faculty panel, and a presentation on our patented "Anti-Monster" job and internship placement program. 
Our soccer tryouts on Saturday were also extremely successful, with more than twenty new players vying for a spot on the team! Great work, ladies and gents! 
We had a blast, and we hope you did too. Hopefully we'll see you here in the fall, but in the meantime, make sure to join our Admitted Student Group and meet some of your future classmates, like our Admitted Student Page (and/or our Office of Admission Page), and join our twitter following!

What was your favorite part of the day? Tell us below!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Admitted Student Day (April 15th), and "A Day in the Life of a Marymount Student" - Straight From the Students Themselves

I was a Marymount Student once upon a time, but it's been...a while. When I attended, Facebook was not nearly as cool as Myspace, "Yeah" by Usher and Lil' John was the top song on the radio, nobody had ever heard of an iPhone, and Justin Bieber was in 4th grade (isn't he still?).

Yes, kiddies, I'm old. 

Aside from being a depressing reminder that I am officially a "grown up," my graduation to the real world means that I am not the most up-to-date reference for what it is actually like to be a student at Marymount. Though my job gives me a pretty good "official" idea, dig a little deeper and I'm likely to start talking about archaic things like Playstation 2® and cargo shorts. So, instead, I'm going to leave it to the experts: our current students. 

This Friday, April 15th, we're hosting our Admitted Student Day. Specific details will follow at the end of this post (tease!), but the idea is that our admitted students will be offered the opportunity to see what it is actually like to attend Marymount. You can meet your prospective classmates, get to know our staff and faculty, and talk candidly with current Marymount students about their experience here. 

Read on after the jump to get the inside scoop about Student Life!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Marymount Athletics

Prior to working at Marymount, I have to admit that I was, at best, the quintessential American soccer fan. That is, I knew that soccer is a sport that most of the world enjoys. I knew that our friends across the pond have the sense to call it football (logical, seeing as how the sport, when boiled down to its key components, involves a foot and a ball). I had watched the World Cup, I had some idea of what a hooligan is, and I even thought I grasped some of the rules (i.e. when someone enacts a dive with the tension and dramatic flair of a Shakespearean tragedy, the ref holds up a colored card and much swearing ensues). Still, other than tepidly cheering on the US team every four years, I never really had much of an emotional connection to the sport. Until now. Now I have a team that I follow, and I believe that by any standards that officially makes me a soccer fan. I feel so...enlightened. 

Read on to learn more about Marymount College Athletics!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Marymount College is Proud to Announce Our New Ph.D. Program!

It has been an exciting few years at Marymount College. First, we added our dynamic Bachelor Degree programs. Then our soccer program was inducted into the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics). And now, most exciting of all, we are finally offering one of the most competitive, lucrative, and exciting doctorate programs in California!!!

For several years we have been investing large sums of money in a prestigious market research firm with the express intention of learning what the student demographic really wants from their education. We noticed a definite trend: in this economic downturn, students are interested in staying in school as long as humanly possible. Forever, if that's an option.

We've listened to the market, and, due to a very generous grant from the Punchinello-Bettis Foundation, we have developed a program that allows students to: 
  • Earn six-figure salaries immediately upon graduation 
  • Avoid the troubled job market for years without being unduly stressed by a too-demanding curriculum.
  • Study classes as unique, special, and bold as students of the iGeneration consider themselves to be.
  • Introduce themselves as "Doctor" and correct every telemarketer and restaurant host they encounter.

Read on after the break to learn about our new Ph.D. program!