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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Something Has Been Eating Our Campus...

Through the banks of nearly gelatinous fog (also known as "June Gloom," the So Cal curse for being able to get a tan in December), you can glimpse an invading army of ravenous creatures marching inexorably up the hill to our campus. 

They are devouring everything in their path.

Nothing can stop them....

Except the little fence we put up.  

That's because the invading force is comprised of 350 goats. Yes, goats. And though these are not the screaming variety, they are quite useful in their own right. You see, goats like to eat nearly as much as I do. While the only result of my eating is the increasingly tenuous strain on the button of my slacks (and, I suppose, getting mistaken for the evil Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters when I walk down Hollywood Blvd.), the goats actually have a beneficial effect.

It's all about our commitment to sustainability.

The vegetation on the hill behind our Palos Verdes Campus was getting a little overgrown—like, "fire hazard overgrown." Rather than crank up the gas engines on our power tools like we're channeling Tim Curry in Fern Gully, we went for a green approach. You see, live goats are about as sustainable as it gets. They eat the vegetation—much closer to the ground than we'd be able to cut. While they eat, they...erm...fertilize the soil, which allows for healthier plants to grow back (The Cirrrrrcle of Life!). Finally the trampling of 1,400 hooves for a few weeks compacts the natural soil and prevents erosion

They're also pretty cute.

Though it isn't a petting zoo, we invite you to come to campus—perhaps to visit our admission office or for a Summer Friday registration day—and meet our goats. But hurry: their sweet bleating won't be around much longer, and they'll be back to their goat homes before classes start in August.

We'll leave you with this awesome piece of hilarity. Enjoy:

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