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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bulldozer Exhaust and Napalm Are Both Best Smelled In The Morning

If Ironman were to fly over our campus right now on his way to battle Loki's otherworldly army, he might assume that we had been the victim of an attack by The Langoliers.

(If there were any more nerdy references in that sentence, someone would find me and shove me into a locker.) 

Seriously, though, our campus looks like Clifford the Big Red Dog went on a search for the thigh bone of a Brachiosaur after we were hit by a direct blast from the spaceship in Independence Day

(It's dark in here. Let me out.)

The real reason, however, that our campus currently resembles where Harrison Ford could discover the glass skulls of an ancient alien race... 

(Seriously, guys. This isn't funny anymore...) that we are in the process of adding more parking, upgraded infrastructure, an athletic field, and I suspect a bunker for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.